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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't give up!

I have to share this video with you. I posted it on my personal blog, but I want to share it with my Tavern bloggers too! When a person has been given a vision, or if they have an idea, or a goal, or a many obstacles can get in the way. So many people can bring negative words and energy into their dream. many things can get in the way. Often, if a door closes, or if someone says "you can't do it", or if something goes wrong...we just want to quit and give up and take the easy road in life. But winners..successful people..they don't quit..they don't give up! Failure is a part of life. Potholes, hurdles, snags, closed doors..they're all going to come your way! But the trick is..the trick is not to stop, not to give up. Keep going..keep walking or running.or in my case Dancing..towards your goal! Don't let other's negativity, or that obstacle get in the way! FIND A WAY! OVERCOME IT! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! hehe I can get a little radical.. But I really do feel that way. God gave me a vision. I wanted to give up.. many, MANY obstacles got in the way..but here I am. Like a clay bowl, the Potter has molded it..changed it..refined it.. But I am the potter's and this is what He has made!
On to the video. It's very inspirational. It's about a guy named Nick. Enjoy. (just click the arrow on the video to play it!)


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