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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great News!!!

I am sitting over here at the Tavern, on the internet, working on our menu. We are making some changes, fixing some things, trying to get it just perfect. BUT..that's not the exciting news. Joe and I are setting a date for our great big GRATITUDE PARTY/Grand Opening, and we are also setting a date for the BAKERY to open!! WOOHOOO! They will co-incide with each other. We will (God-willing) be open by EASTER! We will have Easter breads, donuts, muffins, nut-rolls, poppy-seed rolls, lamb cakes and so much more for sale for Easter!!!

So many exciting things are yet to come!! YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE!!

We are going to be a great community/family together!! I love YOU ALL so very much! It is so wonderful to greet friends every single day. I love to feed people well and make them feel good at the same time! When you come through the doors of the Tavern, I am so glad to see you! We are all glad to see you! Thank you New Wilmington and friends from around this area! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Susan


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