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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I feel like I haven't written a blog post in such a long time! I've been so busy working at The Tavern, and squeezing every spare minute into being a mom, that I haven't had any time left over to blog! But my girls are both in school, and happy and my husband is downstairs making the Chicken Divan and I slept in late today and am feeling rested!!
Ahhh, Life can be so very beautiful when you appreciate the little things that come your way! I was telling my daughter that yesterday. She transferred schools this year. We moved here to New Wilmington, so we could concentrate on fixing the restaurant up, and we knew we'd be working many hours and wanted our kids close by.
Ally is in 11th grade this year. She knew it wouldn't be easy to transfer, but my kids are amazing kids. They knew it was important to us, so they both agreed to try a new school out.
Lauren loves it here in New Wilmington. She's in 9th grade.
But Ally....Ally, had a really difficult time. She couldn't adjust. She tried. But she missed her friends so much from her old school. She missed her teachers and the way they was just a completely different system.
So after months of her being unhappy, we sought advice. The advisor told us that we should let her go back to her old school if it was possible.
Yesterday we re-registered her at her old school. Have you ever seen pure joy on someones face? When she walked into the school, she was hugged. The principal said, "Welcome Home Ally" The kids all texted her and ran to give her a hug. The guidance counselor said, "Welcome home Ally, we're so glad to have you back."
I know that would happen here too, if a child left and came back. I love New Wilmington, It's my hometown and wish she would have loved it here too.. but she grew up in New Castle..that's Her hometown.
So we were driving in the car, home from registering her, and I saw that joy in her face. I said to her, "Ally, do you feel happy?" "She laughed and said I feel so happy and excited!" I said, "Ally, if you hadn't gone through that rough time, if you wouldn't have been unhappy, then you wouldn't feel such happiness now!" "Without sorrow, we know no joy."
I asked her if she knew what that meant. She thought about it, and smiled.
Life is like that. If we didn't have bad times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. I think that's what being spoiled is. If you give someone everything, they wouldn't appreciate anything. They'd expect it.
That's how it's been for us also..with the Tavern. We knew we'd have to work hard, and long hours for a while. But we know that it will pay off in the future. And to have just a half hour of free time...might seem ridiculous, but i am soooo appreciative of this half hour of quiet time! When you have a little... it doesn't take much to bring you joy. When you have a takes a lot more to bring you that same amount of joy.
So... appreciate every little thing that you have. Find those little moments..find gratitude in the little things. We've had a hard winter....when the sun comes out and it gets warm, aren't you going to just bask in it? I know I will!
Instead of complaining..find good in something.
Well my 1/2 hour is up! Time to get ready to go to work. My heart is so full of gratitude and love. I am thankful. I am well rested today. I get to serve today! I get to smile and bring people happiness! I get to hug someone today! I love life!
Be filled with joy..Happiness is temporary, but Joy is eternal!
Your friend, Susan


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