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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is what it's all about!

Each day here has been beautiful then the last. : )
How can I describe the joy that God pours continues to pour into my heart?
How can I describe what it is like to be able to be doing exactly what God wants me to be doing?
I feel as though I'm living a dream.

Tonight four people came into my restaurant. They weren't local people. Perhaps they were from Pittsburgh? (I have a feeling you'll be reading this..I'm sorry I wish I knew your names and where you are from!)
They were so sweet and kind and had such wonderful words to say! They had their first date at the Tavern many years ago. He was driving by, I think it was on Valentine's Day and saw we were opened. He came in, got a menu and took it home... He was so excited to come back with his love and some friends.
So, after having a nice dinner, they walked around and toured the Tavern. They saw the inspirational messages and asked me about them. I got to tell them my story. I got to tell them how it was God who led Joe and I here.
We're just ordinary just so dang ordinary. But we worked hard..and we followed God. We trusted Him. And this is where He led us..
Jesus in me. That's what it is. It's HIM.. not me..I promise you.
That's what I got to tell them. That's why God wanted us here. Inspiration. Encouragement. Love. Jesus. So much more then a restaurant.....
I love Him so much, Susan


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