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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The voice of Truth

Almost four years ago I gave my whole life to Jesus Christ. I had been a Christian for about 20 years, but God didn't have my whole heart. I loved Jesus. I went to church on Sunday Mornings. I prayed. But on the side, I did what I wanted. To be honest...I loved sinful things. Sinning can be fun! It brings pleasure. But believe me, that fun and pleasure is only temporary. You are left with shame and guilt and other nasty things. We are punished for our sins one way or another.
So God has turned me inside out and upside down and really...I am a completely different person than I used to be. I am His. I am His servant. He is the King, the Master and I, with the greatest joy I've ever known.. I am His follower.
God began pouring vision into my heart and mind. He showed me things. I could see what was layed out. I began to see my purpose in this world. He has a mission planned for me, and as long as I sought Him and listened to His voice, I knew what that mission was. So I began reading my Bible..not just reading it, but studying it. My eyes were opened up. WOW. The Bible, if you've never read it, is AMAZING! It is Truth. It is Real Truth. I couldn't believe that I had never known what was in there until I read it for myeself. A whole new world was opened up to me!
So I didn't know exactly where I was going to end up, but I did follow Jesus. I didn't give up. Each time a pothole came, He showed me another way to go around. I never lost my faith. I kept traveling. I kept believing. Even though people around me thought I was nuts, and oh..they did!! Even though people didn't understand me, (many, many times I've felt like an alien, that nobody could see what I saw, or knew what I knew)but I didn't listen to them. I didn't let anybody stop me. I kept my eyes focused and trained on Jesus. When I had any doubt..I'd pray. When I tired or broken, I prayed. When people came up against me...I prayed. What do you want of me Lord? Which way should I go Lord? Am I on the right path Lord? Should I keep going? Is this right?
And each time..He answered. He kept me going. The miracles He's sent along the way...honestly, my eyes instantly fill with tears when i say them out loud. People have come along..God's people, and helped Joe and I in so many ways. God sent them to us. I know that. He sent us help when we needed it most. Thank you!
So many of you have written us. You don't know, what your kind words have meant. They've kept us strong and encouraged. You let Jesus work through you, and you may not even know it. Maybe you had a prompting, a feeling to write or help. That was Jesus. You are His body. His tool. He is here inside of us, but He needs us to accomplish His works. He needs YOU!
Why am I telling you this story?
The other day I was interviewed for a community clip for the Westminster College TV station. Shayna Marti asked me some questions about owning the Tavern. I couldn't speak properly, I was so tongue tied, I am soooo shy on camera, but I kept giving the glory to God. Because really, it is the truth. It's not me..I didn't do this. I didn't buy the Tavern on my own and put it all together. God did. Honestly..I'm not just saying that. He really did. It's for Him. He wants it. He wants it for you. For New Wilmington..for people here..for love..for something..I have many ideas, and I don't know them all, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants to use this place for something wonderful and amazing..good food, but so much more than good food. He's going to do something in the Tavern. The same way He's been doing something through me. Lives are going to be changed here. It's freaky isn't it?? haha.. It is! It's okay to think that. But I know it's true..because.. I know the voice of truth.
If you have the time..if your computer lets you watch a video, you've got to watch this. It's my song. It's the song that I've listened to over and over and over again on this journey I've been on. Listen to the words. They changed my life. They kept me going. They reminded me to listen to God and not the world. take it. I'm giving it to you. Take the lyrics and make them your own! Get out of your comfort zone.. change your life! What have you been wanting to do but are too afraid to do it? What are you afraid of? God is with you friend! YOu can do anything!! ANYTHING!! You can do it!! I know you can! I'm proof that it can happen!
Remember the story of David and Goliath? Remember the children of Israel? Read the all of the stories of what God did! He still does that! He hasn't stopped doing amazing things. Maybe He's writing another story..about us right now that future generations will read! What do you want Him to say about you? Don't you want to be a hero in this world? THen get out there..listen to the voice of Truth. You can do it! I know you can!! His, Susan ; )


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