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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A messy kid..

Today we are doing the final cleaning and last minute preparations for opening day tommorow. Joe and the kitchen gang will be cooking all day, and I will be in the dining rooms organizing the crew! We are opening our doors today for anyone that wants to come in and pray for this building and the restaurant. We are dedicating The Tavern to the Lord and we want to bring Glory and Honor and Love to Him and to this community. I'm Excited and Nervous but most of all I feel like this..
I feel like a child who has presented his/her mother or father with a gift. Do you remember, as a child, making something with scissors and paper and glue and you were so proud of it? You couldn't wait to give it to your mom or dad? You had glue and paint all over your hands and in your hair, and little pieces of paper were everywhere, including sticking to the glue and paint that were all over you!
That's how I feel. This present is to my Father in Heaven. Here Lord, It's for you. I made it myself. It's not perfect. I'ts going to be messy and crooked and glue spots on it.. some words might be misspelled..It's not professionally made.. But I love you so much, I wanted to make you something beautiful, and I did the best I could with the things I had. It's from my heart.
I love you Jesus. Thank you for being everything to me. Thank you for loving me. I hope you like your gift. Susan


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