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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer Chain!

I know this is last minute... But I've been wanting to do this for two weeks now. We just didn't know what this weekend would be like, so we didn't want to do this if we were going crazy with last minute preparations BUT We will be going crazy with last minute preparations, but I'm going to do it anyway! I have a HUGE favor to ask all of you. Once again, I know it's late notice..I apologize.
We need a prayer chain started. I SO BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER! When God's people pray mighty, mighty things can happen. Would you please email everyone on your email list and ask them to pray for us. I know there are sick people that need prayer, I know there are a lot of people that might think praying over a restaurant opening might be silly.. BUT This restaurant is dedicated to serving the Lord first, and then serving this community!! I am so nervous. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. If you come here next week, please know that we are a work in progress. We have to learn how to work together, and learn this place, learn the equipment, learn the new menu..learn the computer system. The way we've all got to learn is to just jump in and start swimming! But I want you to have the most amazing experience here!!!!! That's what makes me so afraid. I don't want to disappoint anyone.
Sunday, we are having friends come in to help us clean this place and get it ready. Our doors will be open. We would like anyone that wants to come by to come on in and pray. You can walk can just stand in the door, you can pray silently or with us.. you can just drive or walk by and pray, or you can just pray from your church or home! Any pastors that would come by, we would be honored. I know that you all know a lot of people. If you can send the request out, and tell that person to send it out to someone..we can get a good prayer chain going and that would make me feel a lot better! Ack..I need to feel calm!
Thank you! thank you so much. I love this community. Honestly, I wish you all could read the letters of encouragement that Joe and I have received! Every single day we get something. It is God to me. It is so God, saying I am here! See me through my people. Let them love you, let them give to you, let them help you. It is me, Jesus, helping you through them! I am a mushy crying baby! You're probably laughing at me! I'm weird believe me I know!! But.. I love you. If you are reading this, it means you are supporting us. Therefore, I love you and I thank you with all that I have!
Pray! Tell others to pray! Please!
With the love of the most amazing God ever,
your friend, Susan


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