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Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a note..

Below is our basic menu. We are going to have different specials every single day. We have so many recipes we've been collecting and can't wait to try out! Everything from appetizers to soups to wraps to new dinners. We had to start with a basic menu first. We have to get used to this restaurant, used to the new kitchen, used to the new bakery.used to the new team....before we can do to many new things. Much of this menu is what made the Neshannock Creek Inn so popular. It's good food. We really did build up a great business there and made a lot of friends. We hope to keep those old friends and make a lot more new ones!

One more point! ACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! We were supposed to have our new phone number 946-2020 two weeks ago! It was a NIGHTMARE dealing with VERIZON! BUT..they called today and we are supposed to have it Tuesday. I apologize for the inconvenience we've caused many people. WE've had so many people track us down through so many various resources! A restaurant shouldn't be that difficult to get a hold of. WE realize that. Thank you to all those that did track us down and make reservations! We can't wait to meet you.

Also.. if you need to call before Thursday, the number you can call is 724-901-0001. After Tuesday it will be 946-2020 Thanks! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
(I'm so excited I can't catch my breath!) It really is getting close!


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