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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An amazing day!

Wow! Joe and I both woke up really early today. Linda came in this morning @ 8:00 and we were ready to begin baking! We tried out the sticky buns, pecan rolls, apple jacks, apple dumplings, pepperoni rolls, cheese bread, and plain ole' bread! Linda is really a wonderful baker. I think our bakery is going to be really wonderful! The baked goods that we serve are going to be unique. They will be made fresh daily with all homemade ingredients. Did you know that the bakery is going to be a coffee shop too? We are going to sell espressos, lattes, gourmet coffees etc.. also! On Sundays you will be able to come in and buy a dozen of homemade donuts, or cinnamon rolls, or sticky buns and the Sunday Paper and a good coffee! My husband Joe, LOVES coffee so he's very picky about serving good coffee!
We think the bakery/coffee shop will open at 7:00 am and close at 5:00 pm.
My brother Alan has been working on building the counters and shelving units for the bakery. They look so wonderful! He is a very good carpenter!
At 10:00 three of my girlfriends came and we had a tea party! It was so much fun taste testing Linda's baked goods. It was more fun talking! These women are wonderful Christian women who share a love for Jesus Christ with me! Brenda, Anne, Amy.. I love you! Thank you for sharing your morning with me!
Then Wendy and Shirley came in and we ordered all of the gifts for the gift shop! That was so much fun. Wendy used to work at tole n trinkets and she's going to help run our gift shop for us and also hostess! Yeah Wendy! Her mom Shirley is so much fun and such a sweet woman! You can't help but to love her!
Then another friend Nadine came to visit and check out the place! But that wasn't all.. our friends Dick and Jean came to see us and spent some time talking with us! Dick is an inventor and an entrepreneur who I admire tremendously! I learn so much from him! He has so many great ideas!
We got two wonderful notes of encouragement in the mail today! I just can't wait to meet all of you who have written to us! You just don't even know how much we have loved and appreciated all of your letters and emails!
That all happened before 3:00 pm. When my girls got home today, Lauren told me that We've been working too much and she missed me. : ( So..we walked over to Mugsies coffee house and we sat and played brain games! We had so much fun. Ally came over and soon Joe came over! Haha! It was a good family night. We needed that!
After Mugsies, Joe and I came back to the Tavern and cleaned and put things away! It really is almost ready to go! It's getting scarey! We hope and pray we don't disappoint anyone. We are going to do our best, and try to serve Hot, Delicious, homecooked meals at a reasonable price in a place that is filled with love and kindness.
Well, it's 1:45 am as I write this and I am ready for bed! Thank you for following this blog and reading about our adventures! Honestly, everyday has been amazing for us! Whether the days have been good or bad, they truly have been an adventure! May God fill your day with warmth! Susan


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