The Tavern on the Square

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tavern on the Square

is almost ready to open : ) We are coming down to our final weeks of preparations! The menu is finished! The two main dining rooms are now ready to receive visitors! The kitchen is almost complete, the basement kitchen is ready, and the upstairs just need to be decorated! WOOOHOOO!!! The girls from James Creek are coming on February 2nd to put up all window treatments and finish the decorating. This week we are going to choose our staff and order uniforms. We are going to take the menu to the printers. We are going to have a taste testing party with our baker, Linda Bruha. We are going to pick up a church pew which will be located in the first lobby. Hopefully the bakery will be ready to go, and we will have the items for the gift shop ordered! We will also order a big sign for the front yard that says "now open" because our real sign will not be ready until the end of the month!
We have an inspection tommorow and then the BIG inspector will come next week. Next week we will begin training our team members, and order the food and supplies!
Friends, I feel like I have so much to share with you. I spent all morning talking and listening to God. He reaffirmed to me, that He will take care of this building and He will take care of my family. I ran downstairs this morning after I spent time with God, and said "Joe, you don't need to worry about anything. God is going to do miracles here in this building. I just know it. It's going to be so much more than a restaurant. We are going to bring love and joy to this community. We are going to build this community into something even more wonderful then it already is! God is going to do a work here! I know it!!" That's what I told him.
God has so many things planned. I'm just following ..He's leading! Friends..I can't wait! I just can't wait for you to come here and feel and see something wonderful! I wish I had more pictures. Perhaps I will try to take some on Monday to show you. It's coming together!
I do ask that you please keep praying for us. Pray for guidance and wisdom and strength. Pray for my girls. They are not having an easy time. Pray for endurance. Pray for our leaky roof and gutters which need replaced. Pray for this building. There is so much history here. Pray that God uses this place for mighty, mighty things! Thank you! I will let you know of any news, as it happens! February 7th! We think that might be our opening date. Please bear with us though if it doesn't work out..but we are shooting for February 7th!
With much love, Susan L. Hougelman


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