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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Rough weekend!

Oh my.. Two burst pipes despite us doing everything we could possibly think of to keep them warm. Looking on the bright side, we were here when they burst, so we were able to shut the water off and clean up the mess. Nothing got ruined. We were without water most of the weekend, but we had so much work to do, we had to persevere! We got through it, but It wasn't easy. I have not had to rough it like I've been roughing it these past few months, in a looong time! I think that I've been spoiled in having a nice cushy kind of life. Not much has gone wrong in our's been easy..up until now!! I know it will all be worth it in the end, I have hope and FAITH..but please keep praying for us. Seriously..we need your prayers!
Last night, we decided to get away to our friends house to watch the football game. We didn't want to be gone to long, because we were afraid of another pipe breaking while we were gone.
We decided to stop at home to get some laundry baskets (we were also going to wash clothes at our friend's house since we had no working washer here). We went down to the launcry room to get the baskets. Guess what? A pipe had burst in our basement and flooded the whole basement with INCHES of water!! What a horrible mess. We truly wanted to cry. It was one of those felt like it was just too much to handle. It's hard! This is very hard and if you know me, you know that I rarely ever complain! I always look on the bright side...but wow, last night, It was hard to see any light! We weren't able to go to our friends house, instead we had to clean up the basement and the come back here to our apartment..we were just too afraid of these pipes bursting again.
BUT.. after all of that...
God is AMAZING! Do you know why? Because I did get a few hours sleep last night and I woke up and there it was..that joy right back in my heart again. We can do this! It makes us stronger! We will work hard and work together and we will get this restaurant open and it will be wonderful! These are the potholes, that we knew would come. We will endure! FAITH IN ACTION!
Speaking of action.. This morning there was a lot of action happening over at the Tavern! Our new dishwasher got installed. We set up dates for the coffee machines to get installed. We met with Linda, our baker, who is going to begin baking next Tuesday, so we can decide what will go in the bakery. We got the credit card machines installed and the menu is almost finished!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! We are getting closer!
Thank you all who have been following our progress. Please keep us in your prayers. Please ask God to provide for our needs and to keep us healthy!
I hope your week is better than our weekend!
*wink* Susan


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