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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Good morning friends of the Tavern!
*stretch* *yawn* This morning is going to be a busy day! At 7:30 am the Fire Supression people knocked on our door and are now here installing our new system. I have finally finished the menu and we are going to try to get it to the printers later today. I have a wonderful friend named Amy who is coming today to help me decide on Table decor for the upper rooms and other decor. We are going to do a run to Pat Catans and some other little stores to see what we can find. Folks..we are getting closer! It seems like it is taking forever, but we must be patient and make sure everything is just right before we open. One of the biggest mistakes made with new restaurants is that they open before they are ready. We want everything to be just right, so when you walk through these doors, you will have the best experience possible! Next week we are going to start hiring our employees, so if you put an application, you may get a phone call next week. We have to order uniforms and learn the new computer system next week too. Joe and I went to Sam's club last night and bought a lot of food items for the restaurant. Salt and Peppers, sugar, flour..things like that. Our Baker, Linda, is coming next Tuesday to begin baking. We are going to sample lots of baked goods and decide what we want to sell in the bakery! She is going to make the sticky buns and parkerhouse rolls too.
I hope all is well in your life. I hope you are filled with joy and peace and love. I pray that God pours blessings upon you today. Let it be a GREAT day today.
Thanks for praying for us too! Susan


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