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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Right now I am going through the many applications that we have received. There are almost 100 of them! I am praying that the Lord shows us just the right team members to choose. It takes a team of people all working together to make a restaurant successful. I am very particular when it comes to who I hire. Job experience is not that important to me. Neither Joe, nor I, mind teaching someone how to do a job in the restaurant.
Most important to me, is personality and character.
You see, when you walk through the doors of the Tavern, I want you to experience something special. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, but I also want you to be "wowed!" From the colors on the walls, to the decor, to the window treatments, to the old cash register sitting on the table in the lobby.. I want you to say wow.
I want you to feel happy and excited to be there. ('ve heard me say this before, it's so much more than just a place to eat..I want you to make memories here!)
So first you are wowed, and then I want you to be greeted by a friendly, smiling hostess. I want them to ask you if you'd like to hang your coat up. I want it to feel like you are going to a good friends house. Then I want the hostess to seat you at a comfortable table. Perhaps get you a glass of water, if you're thirsty, or immediately bring you sticky bun or a cup of coffee.
Next, your server will come to your table and introduce himself or herself to you. I think it's important to know your servers name. It makes you feel more comfortable to request something..instead of saying "miss, or excuse me" etc. Remember, I want you to feel like you're at home..or at a good friends house. I want you to get to know your server, and I want them (if you're going to be a frequent diner in our home) to get to know you! I want friendliness, and attentiveness and respectfulness from my servers. I want them to pretend you are their grandma or grandfather or best friend, or even a celebrity! How would you treat your grandma if she came to your house? Wait on her..make her feel important, make her happy. Treat her with respect and kindess. Honor her requests. Make sure her coffee or tea is hot and kept filled. Make sure she has water. friendly. Don't go overboard!! Don't bother your customer. There is a line a server must draw.
Joe wants his cooks to make sure that every dish that leaves the kitchen is perfect. He wants the plates to look nice and the food to be at just the right temperature. He wants the cook to be able to work quickly, efficiantly and he wants them to care about the food they are serving.
So, once again, I am praying over these job applications. I wish we could choose everyone, because many kids need a job and many adults do too. I feel badly to deny anyone a chance. But I will look them over carefully and ask God to help me find the right team members to work here. Tommorow I will make my phone calls and next week we will begin training!
My team! We are going to love working together. We are going to have fun together. We are going to rock New Wilmington! The Tavern is going to be a fun and loving environment to work at! We are going to make friends here. You will be loved here. You will feel comfortable and secure.
I can't wait to get you all together! Your teammate, Susan


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