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Saturday, January 31, 2009

February 9th!!!!

Okay.. *big giant inhale of breath* I think we have an opening date! *hands shaking* We are going to TRY to be open on February 9th!!! That's not this Monday..but NEXT MONDAY!!!!!! I can't believe we are finally here! Joe and I were over at the restaurant until very late last night. We sat at a table, exhausted. We were saying that we wished we would have taken lots and lots of pictures to document what the place looked like when we first took it over, compared to what it looks like now. Nobody can know what we went through, not only to get this place, but what we endured to bring it to where it is now. Only, and I do mean only, by the Grace of God, are we here. The Lord has watched over us, protected us and guided us. We have kept our eyes and hearts focused on Him. When we found out the restaurant needed a grease trap..the Lord was there. In times of economic hardship, when it's next to impossible to get a loan..the Lord was there. When we found out electrical boxes were bad..the Lord was there. When we found out we needed a new fire suppression system..the Lord was there. When two pipes burst, and a third at our home in New Castle..the Lord was there. Ice, snow, frigid temperatures..the Lord was there. When we realized almost all of the kitchen equipment needed replaced..the Lord was there. Living for over two months with no income..the Lord was there. Selling our restaurant in Volant..the Lord was there. Finding the perfect team to help realize our dreams.. the Lord was there.
Honestly my friends, I sit here, with tears in my eyes, and my hands really are shaking. My family has witnessed the Lord's provisions and grace and love these past months. We let go and let God, and He has provided for us.
Joe hopes and prays that we will make this restaurant successful, that people will come and eat and enjoy themselves, even in this time of recession.
With a heart full of Joy.. I say, The Lord is here. Amen.


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