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Friday, February 6, 2009

Three more days!

Today was a whirwind. Where did it go? It was a beautiful day, full of beautiful people. My best friend came over in the morning to go over her hostessing duties. She is going to be my hostess four days a week. She is very friendly and will make a wonderful greeter at the Tavern! Next Alex Hines, who will be one of our main servers for lunch, came in to go over his serving duties! Alex is such a wonderful young man! I can't wait for you to meet him. Perhaps you already know Alex. He's from New Wilmington and just graduated from Westminster with a broadcasting degree. I love his personality! He is funny and cute and so sweet! I can't wait to get to know him better! We are going to have a lot of fun and make a lot of memories together! Then Wendy came in and set up the gift shoppe! Wait until you see it! It is absolutely beautiful. Wendy is also a former Wilmington Graduate. She also worked at the Tole n Trinkets store in New Wilmington for many years. Wendy has a beautiful, kind personality, and wow, is she incredible at making things look beautiful! She is very talented.
It is my prayer for Wendy that God uses the Tavern as her stepping stone to having her own store one day! She did such an amazing job for us, I know she could have her own shop! Maybe something in the Village Gallery?? Hmmm, you never know Wendy, where the Lord will take you!!
My good friend Anne Bruening came in and brought me exquisite foral and natural gifts. *sigh* She has so much talent too. I appreciate seeing what artists can do. They can take something ordinary and make it extra-ordinary. It is thrilling to my soul!
Charles and Pam and Ida, (our three main cooks, besides Joe) came in today and began cooking! They prepped a lot of food! It smelled so good in the Tavern today! It really is starting to feel like a restaurant again!
MY GIRLS hung out with us tonight. Joe made wings, and Ally brought her friends over and we all had wings together. It was a wonderful day!
Tommorow I have last minute errands to do! Sunday we are having lots of friends come in to help us with last minute preparations and cleaning. Our serving staff is also coming in to practice. We are having a dry run of sorts.
Remember, Sunday is going to be our day of prayer and our doors will be open for anyone that wants to come by and pray over our restaurant! We will dedicate it to the Lord and pray that He uses it for many, many good things in this community and beyond! May the Lord always get the Glory for what He has done here!
Friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Spend time with your family and relax a little. Think about all of the blessings that God has provided for you. Isn't He Incredible! I'm going to post a little video at the end of this message. Enjoy! With a heart that is fulfilled,
Your friend, Susan


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