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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Giant Cod Fish Sandwich

Was our best selling sandwich at the Neshannock Creek Inn. Of Course we will have it on our menu here at the Tavern too! Joe is aching to start pounding out the fish. There were some Fridays that we sold over 100 fish sandwiches!! It was amazing! We hope we can break that record here! If you like a good fish sandwich, I know a place that you should try! *wink*

Check out my pickle shirt! I want to get some made up for the Tavern too! Don't you think that would be funny? I got pickled at the Tavern!! Hahaha! So many salespeople have said to us, You don't have alcohol at a place called "The Tavern"??
That's why I think the pickle shirt would be awesome! You really can get pickled here! We sell deep fried battered pickles and guess what? They are the hottest selling appetizer we've ever served! People love their pickles!!!
So..thanks for reading. Please keep praying for us. Pray especially for my girls today. They have been so kind and forgiving towards us. They know that we've had to work a lot and they've been very understanding and helpful towards us.
They need to feel God's love too. Thank you my friends,
See you at the Tavern.. SOON!!!!!! Susan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,

The pickled shirt is a "Hoot"! Glad to see the Tavern come back to life. Good luck!

Patti Hammer

February 11, 2009 at 8:39 AM  

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