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Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Amazing Weekend!

Thank you Friends. Thank you for your support. Thank you for making this week one of the most memorable weekends of my life. It's Sunday evening, and I sit here in awe. You were so full of grace and love and encouragement. Although this building that houses the Tavern on the Square Restaurant is very old...and although we've been in the restaurant business for almost 18 years...we are still a brand new baby. We are learning how to be a team together. We are learning how to work in this kitchen. We are learning how to serve you to the best of our abilities. It will take us a little while to learn to get it just right, but we will grow and learn and each day will be better than the last. We have a list of changes that we see need made. We see modifications that need to be made. It was trial and error this weekend. We see what we need to fix. That's what a soft opening is all about. We practiced. We will keep practicing and keep learning and growing and fixing and evolving..until we get it just right! was very, very, very good! Thank you for your prayers.. I know that is what made this place so wonderful this weekend!
Oh Friends, we are beyond excited! It was such an honor and a privilege to serve you! It is so amazing to be able to breathe life back into the Tavern! Don't you love driving by and seeing the lights on again? Don't you love seeing something bloom? It's going to be so beautiful here! We want so desperately to make YOU proud of US! You've heard me say it before..this is my gift to God, because He called me to open this restaurant..and perhaps it's God's gift to you! WE are stewards. I believe with all of my heart that it belongs to Him. We will serve you, and feed you, and love on you.. just like we're supposed to do! That's what it should be all about! I believe that! That's what a business should do. It's not about us.. it's about YOU! You just wait and see... Oh, I know it's going to be incredible!! I know it!!! : )
Thank-you for allowing us to serve you this weekend! Thanks for your kind words..the flowers..the plants..the cards and notes... We are so full of gratitude!
We love you!!! Susan and Joe


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