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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More famous visitors at the Tavern!

Today we had the pleasure of serving Bill and Marg Kennedy!

Do you know who Bill Kennedy is?

I'll give you some hints!

He is not a moooovie actor!

He has a creamy complexion!

He is very handy!

Bill invented something that is sold all over the world!
He is udderly Fantastic!
Bill Kennedy invented UDDER CREAM!

Bill and Marg have been coming to the Tavern for over 50 years and they were so happy that we opened up again! They are from Ohio and told me that when they need to get away, they come to this area where it's so quiet and beautiful!
They came in and were so very kind and friendly. After we talked for a while, they told me about Bill's invention. I had to share the news with our cook Pam, because Pam has milked cows her whole life! She loves cows and said that she loved udder cream! Bill and Marg went out to the car and brought us a whole bag of their wonderful cream! We were so excited.
I love people! I love meeting new friends. I am so honored and priveledged to be able to meet so many wonderful people!
Bill and Marg, I hope you make many new memories at our Tavern! May the Lord bless you and bring you much joy! Susan


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