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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our New Awning is Ordered!

Oh it's going to look so beautiful! We ordered a new awning for the front entranceway of the Tavern. It is dark green and has white lettering on it!
Joe and I knew that we needed a sign that lets people know from all angles of the intersection in which our restaurant sits upon, that the Tavern on the Square is a restaurant! Local people know it..but people from out of town and people that are passing through probably have no idea what that beautiful building on the corner is!
When Gib McGill painted our sign for us, we wanted something beautiful and historical looking..something that represented that "landmark" status that the Tavern had. He did an outstanding job!! We love our sign..but it doesn't say restaurant on it.
Sooo, we walked around that building and tried to think of a way to still mantain the classiness of the Tavern, but to place a sign somewhere that stands out!
Neon open signs and the Tavern just don't seem to go together...

THEN..haha..and to me this is so the way that God works in my life.. an angelic friend of the Tavern came into the restaurant and asked to talk to me..

You have to read this story! Continuing...

She said, "Susan, please forgive me if I'm out of line, but I really feel the Lord drawing me to talk to you. I'm a crossing guard on the corner, down the street." "I stand here and look at your restaurant every day and I say to myself, there's no way anybody would know that this is a restaurant here." "You need to do something to make it more visible to cars passing by from all the angles."

I LOVED HER FOR THAT! You see..I respect other's opinions, I VALUE THEM! I've learned to accept critisizm, because it makes you stronger and better. GOd says that we can learn from other's wisdom, and I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH!!!! I thanked her so much and I told her how much I appreciated her! (If you are reading this..I can't remember your name, but I do remember you are the pastor of Clen-Moore church's wife!!) *hug* Thank you again for helping us be better!!
So we walked around the building, and she gave me the idea for the window boxes on the windows and although Joe and I thought of putting an awning up before, she also thought that would be the best option for us!
She got us going on that..we probably would have tucked it away and put it on our to do list..
YEAH!!! Our new awning should be here in a few weeks! I can't wait for you to see it! It's going to add such class to the place and because it will have restaurant written on it and our phone number, it will be a great way to be more visible!
Now.....coming soon...

VALET PARKING AT THE TAVERN!!! (It's true..on special occasions like celebrity series and perhaps on busy weekends, we're going to have valet parking!) WOOHOOO!!!
Have a great day today! Make it great! Do something kind for someone...
LOVE, Susan


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