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Monday, June 15, 2009

On a personal note...

It's been a while since I posted a personal blog column. Our Tavern blog is what we've been using as a "website" when people google "The Tavern", so I've tried to keep it more business like, but I know that this blog also has a lot of regular followers who want to know what's going on on the inside of me and the Tavern. *big breath..that was a long sentence!* So this morning, I have some free time, so I will write some words from my heart!
Hello friends and family and followers! How have you been? Are you enjoying the beauty of the summer? Oh friends, I wake up each morning and take a big breath, and feel the sunshine on my face and I can't help but to smile and praise God! I wake up every morning praising our Lord and thanking Him that I get to live another day! "What can I do today, Lord?", I ask. "How can I make a difference?" "How can I touch someone today?" "How can I show them Your Love and goodness and kindness?"
Then I pray and I ask God to help me! I ask Him to lead and guide me and to help me be more like Jesus! Then I usually get sidetracked and start thinking about what I have to do today..and what my girls are going to do today..etc.. hheeheehhe It's the truth though! We are such Children! God must just shake His head at us sometimes, just like we do to our children when they make wrong decisions or get sidetracked etc... But like we still love our children, God loves us too..INSPITE of ourselves!! : )
So to continue.. My heart is still filled with such joy and passion and a love for life that I can't contain it. I've got a song in my heart and I can't help but to sing! I love being at the Tavern. I love seeing old friends and meeting new people every single day! I get a hug just about every day! That is what is the best about working with people! I love smiling and being smiled upon and shaking hands and just loving people. I love getting emails from friends of the Tavern. I love when I read the journals that are on the tables and people say something kind. I love making people feel happy! I love giving and serving!!!! The more you give, the more your heart gets filled up! Isn't that crazy? It just doesn't seem to make sense but yet it is the truth! God designed us that way!! When you serve, when you give, it makes YOU feel so good! that's enough about me! My girls are really happy too! Summer is here and I have been taking a few days off of work each week, and staying home and spending as much time with them as I can, and that makes their songs in their hearts sing too! They love when we are all at home together as a family. We don't have to go anywhere, or do anything in particular, they just love having their family together! Sundays is our 1/2 day at the restaurant, and it is once again our family day! We all went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and then came home and had a cook out! We just relaxed and hung out was divine!
So, now what's going on at the TAVERN...???
I'm glad you asked!! HaHA..this is the FUN part of life for me! I get joy from talking and serving and meeting people at the Tavern. I get to have fun, by building the business, by making it great! That is another part of what I love to do.
We have only tapped into a small part of what the Tavern will become. We are still building on the foundation, working on getting it down good, and taking our time fixing it right, before we can move on! So much needed and still needs to be done.
We are working on getting the building powerwashed!
We are ordering and awning for the front entrance that will have signage on it, so we can be noticed as a restaurant from all angles of the intersection! (It will also look beautiful!!)
We are working on getting a color brochure made up for the Tavern and possible other points of interests in New Wilmington
We are working at improving our menu and adding some new specials!
We are working on letting people know we sell our sticky buns to go!
We are working on getting a new website going and then getting an email list going and getting on facebook and twitter so we can let everyone know our daily specials and events!
Oh..we are getting a list of events we want to have happen at the Tavern!!!
We are working on getting the word out that we specialize in private parties and showers and banquets! They have gone soooo well, that we know the Tavern is a great place to hold a special event.
We are ordering more placemats to grace the tables and to sell in our gift shop.
We just got stickers made up for our take out bags and gift shop bags with our logo on them!
We just put window boxes on our five outer windows on the side of the Tavern!
We are working on getting the BAKERY open!!!!!!!!!!! That's a big one..People ask us every day and they are probably doubting us, but I promise you..the Bakery is coming!!!! We want to make sure we are ready for it..we want it to be great before we open up..we want to do it when we open will be really good!!!
Well..that's just a little bit about what we're working on! Joe and I are building our business one step at a time. We want it to be so good..for YOU. Not for us, not for money, not for anything, but for YOU, the community. If you haven't realized it by now, that is what my heart beats for...for people! I like giving them something good, a place to make a memory. I want the Tavern to be a destination spot. A place to come and relax and enjoy your meal..not just to eat and run..but to..I don't know..just something different. .. A place to feel loved...
So ..if I haven't seen you lately, this is where we are at! We are loving it here! We are filled with love and joy! We hope to fill your bellies with good food and your hearts with gladness! May the Love of the Lord bring you a heart filled with joy too! In my Father's name, Susan


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