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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking for a few good men..and women..!!

Hello Tavern Family and Friends!

Joe and I have a favor to ask of you! I know we couldn't do this just anywhere..but this is New Wilmington, and we are an amazing community!!!
Because the Tavern is housed in such an old building, there are many things that have needed repaired and continue to need fixed and repaired! We knew, when we bought this place that the Lord would provide for all our needs and He has!! One of the ways He's shown our love to us, is through YOU! You, who have prayed, encouraged, supported us in so many ways! : )
I am asking for a favor, and it won't cost you any money, but it will cost you some time! We need the Tavern fence painted! It's a very big fence and it needs white washed! We could hire someone to do it, but because so many things have needed repaired and cost money, we are trying to conserve as much as we can, so we can make sure our restaurant survives!
You don't have to be a professional painter, you just need to put on some old clothes and show up! We'll provide the paint! (if you have paint brushes you could provide that would also help out!!) We have set a date and a time, and that will be next Saturday, April 25th @ 9:00 am! We will even provide refreshments for you!! You can come as a family, or a group or just individually! It can be a fun project to do together! If you know of anyone that could help, would you please forward this to them in an email! The more people we have helping, the less time it will take to get the job done!
If you are interested in helping us out, please send me an email at My family would appreciated any help we can get!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you all so very much! Susan


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