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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alex the April Fool..ooops I mean Alex and the April Fool!

Alex Hines is one of the servers here at the Tavern. He just graduated from Westminster College, majoring in Broadcast Communications. He wants to be a news anchor. For now he is a server. He is a WONDERFUL server! He has excellent people skills, especially with older people. I watch him talk to customers and he truly is a sweet and kind man.
Yesterday,I wanted to take the afternoon off of work, so I could clean and organize my husband's office. I haven't had a true day off since we opened, and I was looking forward to having the time away.
Alex called me on the phone around 10:20 am, ten minutes before he was due to work and said that he couldn't make it in today. He said he was having problems at home. That concerned me. I began to worry that something horrible was going on with him, and I also was disappointed that I couldn't get my much needed day off..
Then Alex laughed and uttered the ole' April Fools, I'm on my way to work'
Uhhhhh...Lots of laughter ensued and I said, "You got me!" He was so happy and I was so happy that he really wasn't calling off!
If you come to the Tavern and happen to get Alex as your server, you will be treated with love and kindness guaranteed! He's not a professional waiter, but he will do his best to make sure you have a good experience!


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