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Monday, March 23, 2009


Good Morning my Tavern friends!
Oh what a beautiful morning it is. I sit here in front of my window, the cool air flowing in and the sunshine..oh the beautiful sun shine is pouring down on me! I take a big deep breath of it..I breathe it all in, the cool air, the sunshine, the noises of the lumber yard next door.. the day!MMMM..Have you ever just breathed in the day? You just sit back and take it all in...feel it..the sights, the sounds..the smells..
God is good. God is so, so good! I love to wake up. I love the fact that I get to live another day. I get to be among people today. I get to hug someone. I get to smile. I get to love on someone. I get to make someone feel good. I have something to do today! You know how wonderful that is? To have a purpose..a reason to exist! God has something in mind for you today too! What is it?
My father in law's funeral was yesterday. As my girls and I sat in one of the chairs in the waiting room, my daughter said to me, "I hope a lot of people come to my funeral." Ahh, that was one of those moments that I knew I could make teachable to my girls!
"That's up to you, Ally," I told her. "You have the ability to shape your own destiny. God gave us free will. He gave us this life. He didn't just create us, so we can live and take up space. He created us for a reason and a purpose." I continued, "Isn't it weird that people would want to be funeral directors, or the doctors that tell people their loved one has died, or garbage men or dentists..? God gives people gifts and talents and abilities and desires. It is up to us to use those gifts and abilities."
"Ally, Jesus used his abilities to make the world a better place. It's up to you, no matter what you do..teacher or nurse, mom, wife, student..waitress..artist.. whatever it is that God put into your heart..use it for good! Make the world a better place! Love people, help people, show them Jesus. The more you give..the more you love..the more good you do.. the more people will love you back..and the more people will want to come to your funeral."
So.. what are you going to do today, to make the world a better place? It's not a hard thing to do.. you can just smile at someone and make them feel good.
Say a kind someone lunch...send someone a card.. Just do something!
Enjoy the day. Laugh! Smile! Breathe it in.. be thankful! God's given you another day.... don't waste it! Love ya, Susan : )


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