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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game night tonight!

Tonight is Game night at the Tavern! The whole Tavern team is getting together after work to hang out and have fun together!! We are going to eat and play games and laugh and have fun! I'm so excited about this, because this whole month I have had to be a boss and being a boss is not fun for me. I want my Tavern family to know me outside of work..I'm really nice..HONESTLY! : ) So tonight, I get to be one of the gang..not the boss..not the leader..just one of the group!

I'm making hot-wing dip and cream cheese pineapple dip and brownies..

Joe's making wings..

We have a lot of college and younger kids working at the Tavern..

They like to eat!! We'll need lots of food.

I better get cooking... Have a beautiful day today!
Make it beautiful! Susan


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