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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Tavern friends!

There is so much to tell you I don't know where to begin! I wanted to post pictures of all the wonderful events that have gone on in the Tavern this week but I can not even find the time to do that. I need an official Tavern photographer and blogger to document all that should be documented and posted to the web!
*sigh* If only I had more time to do all that I want to do! Does anybody else feel that way? There is not enough time in my day.
This week we hosted four reunions and I was involved with one of them! : )
Some girl friends from the WAHS class of 1983 met up at the Tavern and we had such a wonderful time together.
The girls from the WAHS class of 1984 got together the previous week and it was so much fun to hear them talk and laugh!
Yesterday, the girls of the WAHS class of 1980 met for lunch! They were equally fun to watch!
Today we hosted a reunion of friends from the class of 1946! WOW! That was really wonderful to see.

This week we also got to meet a family who's great grandparents were the inventors of AUSTIN cleaning products! They are from Pittsburgh. They told me the story of how their great grandparents cut a hole in the kitchen floor that went to their dirt cellar! They would cook the carpet cleaning recipe on their stove and run a hose from the pot, through the hole in the kitchen floor, to the basement where there would be mason jars. They would fill up each mason jar with the detergent. Their grandmother's job was to lick the labels to put on the mason jars! WOW! What a fantastic story! They are such a wonderful family,it was such a pleasure to hear their story and to get to meet them!
I also got to meet Alice who is an 89 year old woman that has sky dived 5 times!! She is trying to make it into the guiness book of world records as the oldest sky diver! She said there is a 90 year old nun who beat her out! She said that nun has to get back in the convent and stay there! Alice is a BEAUTIFUl 89 year old woman that is as spry as anyone I've ever met at that age! She is such a pepper!
She was part of a red hat ladies group that met at the Tavern! They were so much fun to serve!
I also got to sing happy birthday, give out many hugs, listen to many, MANY stories and memories about the Tavern!

I got to shake hands and hold a few...
I got to host an engagement party for the HARTWELL family! (I'm supposed to post those pictures too... I will try to do that soon!) Renee, you blessed me with your cheerfulness and kindness! Thank you so much for the roses! : ) They were beautiful, my new friend!
It's been a wonderful week so far...
I love my job! I love this restaurant! I love all of YOU! Thank you for your support, love and encouragement! I hope you are filled with joy, Susan


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