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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!!

A woman who didn't ask for a child, was given one.
She loved him fiercely.
He grew up blameless and pure.
Sinless (can you even imagine..not one single sin)
How beautiful, how wonderful, how amazing He was.
If you are a mother...or much do you love your children?
Well just imagine how God loved His Son..
Imagine how much Mary loved her son..
If you are a friend..
Imagine how much His disciples loved Him..

Now imagine..Your Child..or your friend..imagine the person you love most in this world..

Giving up their life to die for you. Put a face on it..someone you know..make it real.
Imagine someone you love the most saying.. "I'm going to be beaten, whipped, tortured, spit at, denied..all for you." I'm going to suffer, nails put through my limbs and hung on wooden boards...for you"
You wouldn't let them do it..would you?
"'d scream" "I'm not worth it" "Don't do it..don't do it for me! Who am I? I'm nobody, I'm dirty..I'm not good enough..definitely not good enough for somebody to go through all that..for me!"

Jesus, was a real man. He was somebody's son. He had friends. He was a brother.
He thought they were all worth dying for. But not just them... He thought YOU were worth dying for. He didn't even know you...but He loved you so much that He was willing to do that, sacrificially...for YOU.
Not just me..
not just that Christian that you know..
FOR YOU!!!!!

It's okay..He chose to do it. He loves you..He really does..He loves you that much.
Isn't it Amazing. That somebody loves us that much.
God does.
Really..He does.
So does His Son, Jesus.
He died for you.

And he rose from the dead, and is alive today. All you have to do is to invite Him into your heart..You have a door to your heart, and He is outside waiting to be invited in. Just open it. Just say Lord, if you're there, come in, live inside of me, forgive me for sinning Lord, forgive all the wrongdoings I've ever done, and come and live in me.

It's easy. Don't be afraid. God loves YOU sooooo very much!

I love you too : ) Because Jesus does and I so want to be like Jesus.

Happy Easter everyone! May you feel His love! Susan L. Hougelman


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