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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My girls!

Sunday has always been our family day. When we owned the Neshannock Creek Inn Restaurant in Volant, Joe and I always took Sundays off. We went to church and then came home and made a big breakfast,then lounged around the house or did something fun. We needed that time together as a family. Even now, we've shortened Sundays at the Tavern (close at 5:00) and Joe and I both duck out as early as we can, to be together with our girls!
I was a stay at home mom until my girls were both in school and even then, I only worked while the kids were at school. I'd rush from the restaurant at 2:30 and drive to New Castle to pick them up at the Christian Academy.
Even now, I do my best to take a break from the restaurant, when they come home from school, to have dinner with them and talk to them about their day.
I would give up all I have (except for Jesus) just to be their mom!
Today, we took the girls shopping and out to dinner. It was our family time.
The first half hour was spent arguing (Which is very typical of two teenage girls in a car with their parents) but like it always does.. the arguing stopped and soon each one of them begin to talk about their life..and they ask questions..and they make observances..and..well they just share..and they spill..and they..oh how can I explain it? They need us..and I can tell that they do! They need that time with their parents. They need to talk and they need for us to compliment them and say how proud of them we are, and for us to just love on them. They need our time..they need our words and they need us! My kids will tell you that they also need boundaries and disciplined. Honestly..they will tell you that. They know..they know it's important. They like having those boundaries and they like that I make them respect me. (they don't always do it, believe me, but they like that I dont' let them get away with it most of the time.)
Well tonight, after our day together, we were driving back home and we were all listening to music and not talking so much and Ally said this... "Mom, when I grow up, I think I'm going to be exactly like you. I mean..I hope I'm exactly like you..the way you are with people...and the way you are with us..the kind of mom you are." She said, "Mom, I love the way you are with us. I can honestly say there's nothing I would change about the way you parent me." She continued, "I want to be just like you mom." Then Lauren chimed in and said, "It's true mom. I love the way you are too."
Ally is 17. Lauren is 15
And ..My gosh I am gushing tears as I write this...I am so far from perfect. I mean, I have been working way too much..and I am so unorganized and I am not the type of mom who does a lot of different activities with their kids..and when Ally works for me at the restaurant, I scold her way too much..and Lauren gets so mad at me sometimes.. and Oh geez.. But they love me and told me that I'm their hero. Wow.

I am blessed beyond words. Thank you Father God for the love that you give me..that you pour into me so fully, that it spills out all over people..especially to my daughters. Thank you, because what they feel from me YOUR love. I love them unconditionally and they know that. I love them and respect them for who YOU made them to be..not for who I want them to be. Oh Father, I love my girls!
In Jesus's beautiful name, I pray that you keep them safe and healthy and draw them to you! Your daughter, Susan L.


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