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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Tavern: Old and New

This past Saturday was an amazing day at the Tavern. It was Grove City College and New Wilmington Area High School's homecoming. We got completely booked up with reservations. Every dining room (there are six) was full and there was a waiting list of names for people to get a table. Wow! I definitely feel like I am a modern day miracle! What God is doing, in the midst of this recession is just..well it's just God. I give Him ALL the glory and thanksgiving and praise. I believe, without his hand upon us, we wouldn't be able to be successful. Thank you Lord!
Let me tell you what it was like to be here this past Saturday. First of all, my daughter Ally is a senior at New Castle High School, and it was also her homecoming. Knowing how busy we were going to be at the restaurant, I asked her and her date and friends if they would come to the Tavern to take pictures. It's a beautiful place, and with the Autumn decorations out front, I knew they would be able to take wonderful pictures there!
So I was a mom first, and as people filled my restaurant, I stood outside with my sweet girl and her friends and took pictures. My heart swelled with love and joy at having such a beautiful, modest, sweet and tender daughter as I wished her much fun for the evening and sent her on her way full of prayers for a safe return!
Then I put on my restaurant owner's hat, and greeted all of my customers. There were parents of homecoming couples taking pictures of their children in front of the Tavern, and there were many diners enjoying their meals.
I had to run and put my uniform on, and then put on my servers hat. I was working as a server for a party in our banquet room. The Mercer County Historical Society met in our banquet room to celebrate their 15th anniversary. As you can see from the picture they were dressed up so beautifully in civil war era costumes and just fit in with the Tavern's decor so wonderfully! It was such a sight to see.
In the smaller banquet room, next to the larger one, there was a group of high school homecoming attendees having dinner. This is what gave me chills...
Seeing these beautiful young and modern children having dinner and enjoying themselves at the Tavern, next to the older historically dressed diners having dinner and enjoying themselves.. THAT is the Tavern. That is one of the things that makes it so wonderful!
We took the traditional Tavern menu items and combined them with new, modern foods and we made something spectacular! Old and New, Young and Old..we are reaching many people and providing them with a great dining experience!
Oh..I wish I had pictures of those young kids and could post it along with this picture of the Mercer County Historical Society!
If you would sit down and look through all of the journals at the table, you would see, that there are students that come to dinner at the Tavern because they are tired of cafeteria food, and there are couples celebrating 70th wedding anniversaries. We get to experience grandmothers and grandfathers meeting with their grandchildren..we get to witness birthdays of all ages.. Oh it's so much fun being around people and hearing their stories. It's what I love best about owning a restaurant! I love my customers!


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