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Monday, January 5, 2009

Book clubs, tea parties, and family dinners!

One of the visions I have for the Tavern is to be able to use the rooms upstairs as often as possible. It's a perfect place to hold meetings, meet as small groups and clubs. I would love to have tea parties there! How about a Victorian Fashion show and tea luncheon? Maybe a Murder mystery dinner? I want to hold a once a month family dinner! I want to invite 25 members of the community to sign up and we all eat together at one big family table. Each month will have a different theme. We will incorporate the theme into the decorations, the table settings and of course the food! It will be a way for people to get together and sit and eat together, that normally wouldn't get together. It's a community dinner! I think that would be so much fun.
Another Idea I have is getting a book club together. In one of the rooms upstairs, we are going to make it a lounge/library area. It will be a place to come and sit and relax. You can buy a coffee and something from the bakery or even the restaurant and then just take it upstairs and sit and read a magazine or book or listen to some music, or work from your laptop!
That would be a perfect place to meet and have a book club! I would also love to have Bible studies or small groups meet there! It would be awesome to have a dinner or lunch and then meet and do a Bible study!
Oh..the possibilities are endless!
Do you have any ideas? Would you like to see something go on in the Tavern rooms?
Write and let me know! I'd love to hear from you God Bless, Susan


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