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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too much excitement to sleep !

It is so late here and I am going to be in trouble if I don't get into bed! We have such a busy day planned for tommorow but I had to catch up on emails and write a post here! I promised I would!
We had such an amazing blessing from a man who loves Jesus as much as I do. I can't tell you what he did for us yet, until I get his permission, but I will tell you that I was on my knees praising God! Joe and I are in awe of this man's kindness and generosity towards us, yet smiling, because that's what Jesus has done for us in every step of this journey to the Tavern! WOW! He IS that amazing!!
Honestly..I do have so much to share with you. Things are going GREAT here! We have gotten so much accomplished! I wish I would have taken pictures for you to see the progress! I will try to take some pictures this week to show you! The place looks so beautiful that it makes me want to cry! I can't wait to share it with you. I want you to fall in love with it too! I want you to love coming here and eating and meeting friends and making new ones! I want so many wonderful things to go on here. Oh New Wilmington, I can't wait to serve you!! You don't know how much my heart anticipates being able to smile and say hello to you once we open our doors. I can't wait to host your parties, to serve you good food, to help you celebrate your special occasions! I can't wait to see families sitting around the table laughing and enjoying each other. I can't wait to see Bible studies going on in our library room! I can't wait to see groups meeting here enjoying the atmosphere. I can't wait to have a murder mystery dinner here! This will be a great place to have a breakfast with Santa!
I am smiling, my heart filled with so much anticipation and excitement!
Now I will share a secret..hmmm maybe not a secret, but a decision that Joe and I made today about the Tavern. If you are reading this post and made it to this part, you will get to read this secret! : )
Joe and I knew that we were going to serve sticky buns here, but we also wanted a good bread to serve as well. We looked and looked for the perfect bread to serve with our dinners. We sampled rolls, and breads and breadsticks. We just couldn't find the right one for here! Then, something triggered a memory. Mary Wright, when she first found out that we were opening the Tavern, sent us a recipe for parkerhouse rolls. I tucked the recipe in our recipe folder and I kept it there. I didn't think it would be possible to make real homemade rolls for the restaurant. BUT.. I had a light bulb kind of moment. Our Baker can bake parkerhouse rolls in the morning when she makes the baked goods for the bakery! We can keep them warm, in our bread warmer and they would taste so good along with the sticky buns! We will have real butter and also cinnamon butter served along side of them! Not many restaurants serve real homemade bread or rolls anymore, but that just fits this place so perfectly!! We love good old fashioned homemade foods!
SO there you have it.Thank you Mrs.Wright for the recipe and suggestion! We made the decision today. Sticky buns and parkerhouse rolls! I can just imagine how good they are going to smell delivered fresh and warm to your table!!!!
That's all for tonight! Keep checking back later in the week and I will try to post some pictures for you!
May God Bless you with showers of blessings!
Keep warm! It's cold outside! Susan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE PARKERHOUSE ROLLS! Just thot I'd let you know! Next thing you know - you'll be having homemade jams and jellies to go with them!


January 14, 2009 at 5:06 AM  

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