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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A long day!

zzzzzz... Oh Hello! I'm sorry, but I seemed to have nodded off while my computer was connecting to the internet. Today has been a long day! It is 1:22 am as I write this and I am very tired. Today was another grueling day spent in the basement of the Tavern scrubbing and painting. It is finally FINISHED! It is clean and bright and white! (Well as clean and bright as a 150 + year old basement can be!)
Because our bakers will be baking all the delicious baked goods (INCLUDING THE STICKY BUNS!!!!) down in the basement, Joe and I wanted to make it as comfortable and clean as possible. We bought a new (new to us) Oven that had been used by Dunkin' Donuts to bake their muffins! We tested it out the other day (we made oatmeal raisin cookies) MMMMM! Get this.. it holds five trays at a time and on each tray we got 45 coookies. That's 225 cookies in 10 minutes!!!! We will definitely be making some Christmas cookies to sell for the holidays. So we installed the new oven and cleaned and scrubbed all of the pans and equipment too. It really does look good!
Later today, Coca-Cola will install the soda machines, and the credit card machine suppliers will be in to install their credit card machines. Joe and I both have many phone calls to make and return tommorow, and I have to finish up the menu!
Here's some great news for me to share and then I have a prayer request to make.
The great news is we have a few reservations already for February and March and even a few in May! There is a baby shower, a family dinner and a board of director's meeting! Oh, what pleasure it was for me to open my reservation book and jot down these reservations!
Now my prayer request.. We are having a difficult time, finding a place to put the soda machine. Joe is hoping that Coke will have a solution, because we tried and tried to find a place that worked and we just couldn't do it.
Please pray that God gives us the wisdom to think of the right place. We are stumped!
Time for bed. I pray that YOU enjoy the day today. I pray that you find peace in your hearts and joy in your souls. I pray that God heals whatever it is that ails you. In Jesus's name, Amen


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