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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Tavern gives back to God for all He's given us!

Because the Lord has blessed us immensely, The Tavern wants to bless others. Since we opened, we have given to many local charities and organizations. We believe in supporting our community! We also believe in doing all we can for God! One of the ways you can give back to God all that He has given you, is to support people who are working for Him. I believe we are all called to use our gifts and talents for God. They don't always have to be financial gifts. You can use your time, your resources, your talents.. all for God's Glory!
This month we have adopted a missionary couple! Their names are Jody and Andrew Hawes. They are incredible people, who have literally given almost everything they've owned away to go and follow God! They live in the Ukraine and minister in many ways to the people there. The Bible verse they live by is Matthew 4:19 "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." You can visit their website at

Jody and Andrew need more support in order to go back to the Ukraine. Jody has said, that if every one they knew would just give them 10 dollars a month, they would be able to leave tommorow to continue their ministry. $10.00 dollars a month..that's one lunch!!!!
I am asking my Tavern friends for a favor. I know that many people have their hands out and want something from you..and I know it gets all consuming to constantly give. BUT..all I ask is that you pray and ask God if He will provide you with some extra money to Give to Andrew and Jody so they can help make the part of the world they are called to, a better place! Ten dollars a month.. or a one time gift..anything you could do to help..they would sure appreciate it!
Go to their website, read about them and if you feel called to do on the page that says giving and it will show you how to give a donation!
Thank you!!!!! The Lord will give back to you, all that you give! I am a living witness to His goodness when one is faithful!!!!
Jesus Rocks!! : ) Susan


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